Student Testimonials

I cannot say enough great things about Jennifer Cully. Jennifer’s instruction is unique to each student and personalized to each individual’s skill level. She makes it “easy” to understand the golf swing and the game of golf. For me, Jennifer has helped me fall in love with the game again. Under Jennifer’s instruction, I have won three Delaware State Women’s Amateur championships and have competed in various national amateur tournaments. I would highly recommend taking lessons from Jennifer if you want to improve your game for whatever level of competition you are interested in! – Meghan Adams Perry (Wilmington, Delaware)

Jen has been my teacher for 9 years. Jen took me from a 38 handicap to a 15 handicap. I found Jen when I was reading Golf for Women and she was listed as a Top 50 Teacher who lived in my general area. I have to drive about 25 miles each way to have my lessons with Jen. The fact that I am willing to drive that far is a testimony to Jens skill as a teacher. The reason she is so good is because she speaks in a language I understand. When she tells me what I need to do, I understand it immediately. Jen has an incredible eye and can discern immediately what needs to be fixed in order to correct something in a swing or a stroke. She understands the uniqueness of each student and accommodates her language and her teaching focus to the student’s need. I have met others who are Jen’s students and we all have the same observations. Jen has a great memory too. She keeps excellent records of lessons given so she can always tell you about your progress or know what was taught at any given time. She is patient and funny and besides being a great golf teacher, she is a delight to be with. – Grace Armstrong (St. Petersburg, Fl.) 

Oh the places you'll go…"  This quote from Dr. Suess accurately describes my golfing journey with Jen Cully as my teacher.  In the ten years that Jen has been my Pro, I have made great progress as a golfer.  She has helped me tremendously with my swing, course management, mental attitude and my overall understanding and love of the game.  She is a wonderful person and teacher. - Barbara Simpson ( Tampa, FL) 

Jen Cully was the first person from whom I ever took a golf lesson. And when the best comes first, it is hard to settle for anything less. Over the course of 12+ years I have learned that Jen is not just an incredible golf instructor, but she is also a wonderful person - as supportive, positive, encouraging, diligent and intelligent off the lesson tee as she is on it. And I (or should I say, “we”) have also cut my handicap in half. Jen never finishes a lesson without seeing and showing progress; as a player this not only boosts ability but also confidence, two key factors to improvement. I highly recommend taking a lesson from Jen. But be warned, you will never want to go back to second best! - Margie O. (Jagorawi Golf Club, Indonesia)

I call Jen “The Swing Doctor”! She always has the correct diagnosis and cure for my golfing “ills”.  Jen has been my teaching Pro for 10 years. I was a life long tennis player who took up golf later in life and had struggled through 9 different teachers without much progress until finding “The Swing Doctor”. I first took her Saturday morning clinics and immediately knew she was a very special teacher given her ability to explain, demonstrate and communicate golf skills. My game was on the road to recovery.  She has taught me all aspects of this great game of golf from the swing, to course management and how to play, to the mental game.  Jen will make and keep you golf game “well”. - (Frank Perez, Tampa,FL)

When I contacted Jen to schedule some lessons, it was the third time I have taken up the game of golf.  I was skeptical that this would make a difference since my first two experiences were not as inspiring as one would have hoped.  Jen was listed in Golf for Women as one of the top 50 golf pros in the U. S. Reassuring confirmation but also a bit intimidating.  After all, it was starting all over again for me and I thought she would enjoy teaching a more experienced person.  I was so off base.  Jen made me so relaxed that I felt totally at ease and could even laugh at myself.  I became ravenous for things to read about the game, curious about everything golf.  I bought new clubs...twice!  I still take instruction from Jen.  It is one of my favorite pleasures in life.  My game is progressing. I look forward to every chance I get to play. - (Susan Nevius, Tampa, FL)

So lucky to have found her.  Jennifer wants you to truly enjoy the game and be the best you can be no matter what your skill level.  Jennifer doesn't back away form a challenge. At the age of 65 I asked her to help me be the true left handed golfer I should have been from the beginning years ago.  with her skilled instruction, encouragement, positive attitude and easy going personality I am now a better golfer than ever, and playing left handed!  -  (Connie Robichaud, Lake Sebago, ME)

"Walk on Ready"...Thanks to Jennifer, I'm a walk on player on a Division I University women's golf team.  Midway through my high school career, after being self-instructed, I began working with Jennifer.  She completely turned my game around both with the mechanics of the golf swing and course management, while always making sure and emphasizing that golf is a fun and enjoyable game. - (Emily Cardella, Tampa, FL)

My shy 6 year old daughter had her first golf lesson with Jennifer this spring.  Jennifer did a great job of making my daughter feel comfortable trying something brand new.  She easily made the instructions relatable and six months later my daughter still remembers, on her own, how to form her "Y's" when she swings the club. - (Kate Livingston, ME)