Professional Accreditation / Certifications/ Credentials

LPGA Teaching and Club Professional - Class A Member since 1995

PGA of America - Class A Member since 1995

LPGA Global Education Team member since 2002

LPGA National Education Committee Member 

US Kids Certified Coach since 2016

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Golf Fitness Instructor - Level  1



About Jennifer Cully

Jennifer Cully has played and competed in the game of golf for over 40 years and taught professionally as a Class A member of both the PGA of America and the LPGA Professionals for over 30 years. Jennifer also has certifications as a US Kids Golf Instructor and a Titliest Performance Institute certified golf fitness Instructor. She is a competitive and successful tournament player, competing at the highest level in women's professional golf, a handful of LPGA Tour events, 2 USGA SR Women's Open events and an LPGA Tour Championship.  In 2021, Jennifer made the cut and finished 49th at the USGA Sr. Women's United States Open Championship held at Brooklawn CC in Fairfield, CT! However, Jennifer’s true love is teaching and growing the game of golf for students of all ages and abilities.

Jennifer is dedicated to learning and has attended over 150 golf teaching educational seminars conducted by leaders in the world of golf instruction, sports psychology, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, adaptive golf for players with disabilities, bio-mechanics and golf specific fitness. She believes and enjoys the motto of “never stop learning” and relishes in exploring new ways to communicate and coach the great game of golf. Jennifer has won numerous awards for her golf instruction and enjoys giving back to her teaching peers. As a member of the LPGA Global Education Team for 20 years, she has given back to members of the LPGA Teaching and Club Professional membership through serving as Member Advisor, National Evaluator and now as a member of the Global Education Team serving as an Instructor for LPGA Level II and A2 Education, webinars and online education.  She also currently serves on the National Education Committee for the LPGA Professionals. 

Jennifer’s instructional knowledge is vast and her teaching style varies depending on the student in front of her. She recognizes that you come to the lesson tee with your own goals for the game, past experiences, physical strengths and weaknesses and swing styles that make up who you are and what your needs may be.  She will work with you to discover ways to enhance your confidence, golf technique, mental skills and performance in a positive, fun and effective manner to gain more enjoyment from the game. Since students learn differently, she tailors your lessons and employs different methods and teaching aids to ensure your success. Jennifer is dedicated to learning and understanding how YOU can play your best golf!